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about 1 year ago

Week 5 in Review, Project Spotlight, Start Your Submission

Another week of Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon wraps up today! With just over two more weeks remaining until the deadline, make sure your project is on track by following the project submission process. Submissions are due Nov 28, 2021 @ 5:00pm EDT. If you would like to connect to mentors, fill out this form and let us know! We’re hosting office hours weekly, look out for them in our Discord and in updates. 


Catch the Replay

Nov 10: Tech Talk: Defi - Mitigating Risks Using Stablecoins: Stablecoins provide another level of risk mitigation for developers as they utilize value stores between token types to protect against marketplace volatility.


Coming Up Next Week

Nov 13: Ampliando el acceso a oportunidades cripto usando dispositivos móviles: Una conversación sobre cómo cripto puede resolver problemas de acceso al sistema financiero usando dispositivos móviles.

Nov 16: Leveraging the Power of DAOs: Hear from Yaz Khoury on why DAOs are important for decentralization, and how Celo leverages the DAO model to empower community initiatives. Learn how to use DAOs in your own project. 

Nov 17: Mobius: Building Next-Generation DeFi Services Using Stablecoins: Join us for a discussion with Mobius as we dive deeper into the next generation of Defi services utilizing interoperable stable coins. 


Project Spotlight 

Chech our what other teams are building and get inspired to submit your own!


Singular is the Active Investment Management App built on the Celo that's looking to give users superior market returns. It invests in the most popular holdings of top 5% performing Crypto-assets and tracks the top-performing Crypto fund managers globally. AI advice and DeFi capabilities will likely enable Singular to democratize investment solutions for the unbankable and middle class in emerging markets. The Singular App allows users to easily invest in a professionally managed cryptocurrency portfolio, without holding user assets.

Project Kelvin

Project Kelvin is inspired by research into how to make data driven decisions, like the work of Douglas Hubbard, Phillip Tetlock, and Robin Hanson. We believe that these tools are the perfect decision making tools for DAOs, which can lead to better outcomes than existing tools. By combining subjective value metrics (eigenkarma) with objective metrics (monte carlo), Project Kelvin helps to identify the actual best regenerative projects and fund them using our token economic model. Our token economic model is a recursive bonding curve, allowing people to buy into the broad project token, which lets them buy into individual DAO tokens, which can let them buy into individual initiatives within those DAOs.

AQUA Metaverse

AQUA Metaverse is the home of the aquatic sports. brands, athletes and fans, it features NFT games assets, virtual 3d water worlds inspired from real vacation locations around the world. Full featured DeFi Gaming Platform features play to earn, mini-games, NFT creation, minting, marketplace, trading, lending, communities and unique events around water sports and music.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.