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over 1 year ago

Week 3 in Review, All About NFT's, Mentorship

Week 3 is wrapping up and we’re excited to see teams rapidly iterating on their projects! If you would like feedback on your project, let us know by filling out this form.


Week 3 Tech Talks


If you missed it, here is the round up of best tech talks and resources from this week. Learn about NFT’s on Celo, how to get started building in no time with Tatum, and building blocks with Chainlink.


NFTs & Creators Jam: What’s cooking in NFTs on Celo? Come learn from Celo Punks and Award Pool and get inspired to create. We discussed:

  • Award Pool: fan engagement tools built on Celo

  • Celo Punks: first PFP on Celo

  • Why build your NFT project on Celo? “Quote from talk”

Workshop: How to build apps quickly on Celo using Tatum: Learn how to get started building apps on Celo in no time with Tatum: how to sign up, get your free API key, and use it with Postman to invoke API calls to access Celo nodes, generate wallets, deploy and mint NFTs, and store data with IPFS for free.

Tech Talk: Building Blocks on Celo: Chainlink: Go beyond Celo’s core functionality and bring new features to your dApps with Chainlink to help you layer technologies in exciting new ways. Learn with Zak Ayesh, Developer Advocate for Chainlink. 

Tech Talk: Creating NFTs on Celo: Learn how to create NFTs with Celo in this workshop with Josh Crites.



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.